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Pho Me

Pho Me

Maybe it was a bad omen that it took us three attempts to eat at Pho Me. The first was a Monday, and we discovered the restaurant is closed on that particular day. Continue reading

Viet Royal

Viet Royal

The bun thit nuong was amazing. Tender pork was perfectly grilled and seasoned sat on tip of thin noodles under a light dusting of crushed peanuts and green onions. Continue reading

Bahn Mi at Nha Trang

I approached the shaded patio located on the backside of a building that faced Colonial Drive.  Wisp of blue gray smoke curled above several lounging men who smoked cigarettes.  I asked if they knew where Nha Trang was located.  They shook their heads and indicated they did not speak English.  I walked into what appeared … Continue reading

Bowl of Pho Serves Un-Phogettable Pho

Until about a year ago my experience with pho consisted of watching Anthony Bourdain slurp a bowl full of beef part-filled broth on the Travel Channel.  It looked delicious, and I tried to make some myself.  The results were mediocre at best.  After having my first proper bowl of pho in Tallahassee whenever I travel … Continue reading

Photastic Fare at Fareast Cuisine

I love pho.  The mix of spiciness with the noodles and bite from the cilantro is something I really enjoy.  I have been looking for a place in Tallahassee that offers up this Vietnamese staple and discovered Fareast Cuisine.  The restaurant is located in the same shopping plaza on Thomasville Road as TJ-Maxx.  Navigating Tallahassee’s … Continue reading