Shorty’s BBQ

Shorty's BBQ - Alma, GA - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

I departed the Bacon County Courthouse, and was hit by an urge for a pork sandwich. Shorty’s BBQ in downtown Alma is the only BBQ joint in the county seat, and after a wrong turn or two I arrived in front of the small white restaurant.  A line of cars drifted back from the drive thru and mingled with others jockeying for a spot at the gas pumps.  A jacked up Chevy with a Confederate flag Browning sticker blasted a Florida Georgia Line song.

Entering Shorty’s I took my place in a small line and looked over the menu.  Ribs, pork, chicken, and beef are offered.  The chicken, however, was advertised as grilled and the non-descript beef only garnered a single mention on the expansive board.  I approached the window and ordered a BBQ sandwich with sauce on the side.  A large sweet team completed my order and as I paid, the woman behind the counter asked me an odd question.

“Would you like that sandwich pressed darling?” she asked twirling a pen.

“Like a Cuban?” I responded.

She nodded, and I politely declined.  It was the first time I had ever been asked if I wanted a pressed BBQ sandwich, and I took a place as a small table to wait for my name to be called.

Shorty's BBQ - Alma, GA - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

Shorty’s small well kept wood paneled dining area was very quiet. People sat in small groups eating their meals without saying a word.  Georgia Bulldog curtains and some memorabilia dotted the walls.  Following a minute or two wait the glass window slid over, and my lunch was ready.

The BBQ pork sandwich was served un-pressed on a large sesame seed roll.  Inside moist pieces of pork were piled on top of one another.  Light pink smoke rings highlighted some of the pieces.  The meat was moist, but had no smoked flavor.  I thought the first piece I sampled was an oddity, but the lack of smoke was confirmed as I ate a second and third piece of pork.

Shorty's BBQ - Alma, GA - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

Normally I refrain from topping my BBQ sandwiches with sauce, but in this instance it was completely necessary.  Thankfully a bump in flavor was provided by Shorty’s BBQ sauce. It was mustard based with a good dose of vinegar and spice.  Shorty’s sandwich, save for the sauce, was mediocre at best.

The restaurant is open Monday through Thursday 11 –3 p.m., Friday 11 – 8 p.m., and Saturday 11 – 4 p.m.  Shorty’s has no online presence, but can be contacted at (912) 632-1809 for more information.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: C+
Taste: C
Presentation: C
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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2 thoughts on “Shorty’s BBQ

  1. When my father had our place, we used to press sandwiches if people wanted their pork “chopped”, you put a little bit of sauce on it and press it, it did create a unique sandwich in that the sauce would get almost infused with the meat and the bread would get crunchy bits on the outside.

    • Very interesting Jon! I have never been asked if I wanted my sandwich pressed. Both Shorty’s and my next review, DK’s in Waycross, both asked me on the same day. I took the plunge at DK’s…

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