Hog-N-Bones Breakfast & Bar-B-Q

Hog-N-Bones Breakfast & Bar-B-Que - Tifton, GA - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

For a state as steeped in the art of the pig, Georgia has a lot of bad BBQ.  Middle Georgia, anchored by Macon is a veritable wasteland replete with sub-par pork and filthy lavatory facilities.  On a recent trek down I-75 from Atlanta I held my huger at bay until I entered South Georgia and the city of Tifton.  Peeling off Exit 62 I hung a left and made the short drive to Hog-N-Bones Breakfast and Bar-B-Que.  Hope springs eternal, and I prayed for a good lunch as I passed several fast food outlets.

Hog-N-Bones is located at 2008 Hwy 82 West in a deep mustard colored building.  As I circled the back of the building the cockels of my BBQ loving heart leapt when I saw a stack of hard wood and white smoke happily curling into the air.  Finding a spot at the end of the lunch rush was a challenge, but I found a sliver of a spot between two huge pick-ups. Walking towards the side door I passed under a covered porch that ran along the side of the structure and provided outdoor seating.

Hog-N-Bones Breakfast & Bar-B-Que - Tifton, GA - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

A line of people snaked from the registers to my left while people enjoyed their meals in a packed dining room.  Hog-N-Bones offers pulled pork, ribs, and chicken.  Several non-BBQ options including chicken tenders, hot wings, and stuffed potatoes are also offered.  I opted for the large pulled pork sandwich with a side of fries and a drink.  After placing my order I was given a number to take to my table.

With a cup of sweet tea tea at my side I wove through the stream of patrons and occupied a small booth towards the front of the restaurant.  The same deep mustard color that was slathered on the outside of the BBQ joint covered the interior.   The decor was spartan but well kept.  A bible verse was written above the registers.  The staff cleaned tables and smiled a lot.  It was a friendly and inviting place.

Hog-N-Bones Breakfast & Bar-B-Que - Tifton, GA - Photo by Mike Bonfanti

A few minutes after placing my order a girl appeared with my sandwich and fries.  They were served side-by-side in a small paper lined basket.  The pork sandwich consisted of a buttered and toasted bun with a heap of pulled pork.  On the plus size, the meat was tender,  but the portion size was small.  Most disappointing, the meat had no smoked flavor. The fries were hot and were nice and crispy.

Strangely enough, lunch was saved by the four sauces that graced the table.  Hog-N-Bones offered gold (hick and sweet with some kick), sweet (tomato based and sweet), signature (mustard based, vinegar with some tang) and hot-n-spicy (also mustard based with a nice spicy kick) sauces.  Of the four, the hot-n-spicy was my favorite and saved the sandwich from being flavorless.  I slathered the pork in the sauce, sopped it with the bread, and momentarily contemplated taking the rest of the bottle home to Monticello.

Overall my meal was nothing okay, but nothing noteworthy.  Hog-N-Bones is open Monday through Thursday from 6:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m., and is closed on Sunday.  They can be found online at hognbones.com and is allegedly on Facebook.  The restaurant can be contacted by telephone at (229) 238-2491.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: C+
Presentation: C
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $$

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