Moove Over to Lindy’s Chicken

When you think of chicken sandwiches odds are a cow holding a misspelled sign urging you to “Eat Mor Chikin” pops into your head.  If chain restaurants aren’t your thing there are other chicken sandwich options in town.  Lindy’s Chicken is one, and hides in plain sight next to Chik-fil-A on North Monroe Street.  I noticed the sign urging me to “mooove over 4 a better chicken filet” and decided to give the little guy a try.

Pulling into the parking lot I looped around back and discovered there was no drive-thru.  Resigned to getting my fast food the old fashioned way I parked and made my way towards the side door.  From the outside Lindy’s looked like a suburban doctor’s office.  The walls were brick and thin white columns stood on either side of the door.  A peeling shingled roof curved towards the top of the building.

I opened the glass door and stepped into 1974.  The front counter and wall were covered in thin wooden paneling.  Green laminate  counter tops and an old fashioned menu board completed the dated feel.  A short line stood in front of the cash register.  As each order was placed the cashier spoke into a microphone straight out of Super Troopers.   When it was my turn to order I asked for the chicken filet sandwich meal with a side of fries and a medium sweet tea.  I could head my order echo in the kitchen.

While waiting for my name to be called I sipped my sweet tea and took in the rest of the restaurant.  The dining room proudly carried on the 1974 vibe.  Two toned walls the shade of fried chicken and gravy ringed the room.  The floor was industrial white vinyl tile. The tables were a green swirl or some kind ringed with black metal chairs.  Two tables were occupied by solitary diners. It was depressing.

As I hit the bottom of my first glass of sweet tea my chicken filet appeared through a small window at the end of the counter.  The cashier asked me what I wanted on my sandwich and I opted for light mayo and pickles.  She tossed the fried chicken breast onto a bun, slathered each side with mayonnaise, and applied the pickles.  The sandwich was then wrapped in white paper and dropped into a sack with a small side of fries.

I sat down and unwrapped the sandwich and fries.  They were not a thing of beauty, but it turned out looks were deceiving.  I took a bite and immediatelymet the crispy exterior and moist interior of the chicken.  It was very well seasoned and had a richer taste than the chicken sandwiches being slung next store.  The mayonnaise added moisture and despite the bun looking like it had been punched, was fresh and light.  The French fries played second fiddle to the beast of a chicken sandwich but were fresh and hot.  The sweet tea was also good and was sweet without being over the top.

Lindy’s does not have a playground or one of those newfangled drive-thrus.  What they do have is an amazing chicken sandwich full of flavor that will curb stomp any offering by a national chains.  Lindy’s is open for lunch seven days a week, and for dinner Monday through Saturday.  Lindy’s does not have an official online presence, but can be reached by telephone at (850) 386-8638.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: D+
Taste: A
Presentation: C-
Service: A
Cleanliness: B
Price: $

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10 thoughts on “Moove Over to Lindy’s Chicken

  1. I lurve me some Lindy’s – the chicken sandwich is a revelation next to chain fast food chicken sandwiches. Also, try their regular fried chicken – they have good fried okra and gizzards too!

  2. I agree about the surroundings at the North Monroe location. On a recent trip there with my granddaughter the service also left a lot to be desired. Try the one on Lafayette Street behind Cabos. Much better.

    • Thanks for the tip BJ! The service was good on my visit. I still feel bad for freaking the girl out behind the counter. Glad she calmed down after I told her I was a food blogger and not a creepy stalker. 🙂

  3. I love Chick Fil A’s chicken sandwich, and it looks like Lindy’s sammy is just as good. They don’t have those magical waffle fries.. but if what Jen says is true- that they have fried okra- you can count me in.

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