Food Glorious Food Dishes Up An Amazing Mackin Cheese

Food Glorious Food is located at in a small plaza at the intersection of Thomasville and East Bradford Roads.  The restaurant offers not one, not two, but three distinct dining areas.  The first is the courtyard located behind a wrought iron fence in the shadow of a large live oak tree.  The second is a brightly colored cafe located adjacent to the courtyard.  The third is a slick modern dining room with a view of the kitchen located a short walk past the Strauss Gallery and down a set of stairs.

This afternoon my friend arrived first and secured a spot in the rear of the upstairs space.  The walls were painted a bright yellow and were illuminated by overhead halogen lights. A large dessert case was located to the right and housed amazing looking cakes.  Wooden tables, chairs and brightly upholstered booths were arranged along the walls and lent a cozy feel to the space.  The small dining room was immaculate despite being in the middle of the lunch rush.

Upon sitting down my drink order was immediately taken and I was handed a menu.  After looking it over I decided to try FGF’s Mackin Cheese.  It consisted of gemelli pasta with bacon, tasso and collards tossed in a three cheese sauce.  While our entrees were prepared we split a hummus plate.  It arrived beautiful arranges with large pita chips, plum tomato slices, cucumbers and onions surrounding a mound of hummus covered in feta, black olives and pepperoncinis.  The portion size was enough for the three of us to share, and by the time our meals arrived the plate was bare.

The Mackin Cheese arrived in a large white bowl.  The gemelli was bathed in a delicious looking cheese sauce with additional cheese sprinkled on top.  Underneath were pieces of bacon, tasso and collards.  The pasta was cooked al dente and the saltiness of the bacon interacted well with the bite from the greens.  The flavors in the bowl complimented one another and lent an interesting Southern twist to a comfort food classic.  Overall, the Mackin Cheese was great for a rainy North Florida afternoon.

After our empty bowls were cleared our server asked us if we wanted dessert. Initially the invitation was declined, but we soon altered our stance.  I ordered the key lime tart and was greeted with a 4 inch pastry shell filled with tangy key lime filling and topped with a meringue swirl that rose above the plate.  It was presented in a very beautiful way and tasted as good as it looked.

I thoroughly enjoyed lunch at Food Glorious food.  Our waitress was attentive, the dining room was clean and the food was delicious.  My only complaint is that I wish it was located closer to my office so that I could visit more often during the work week!

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B+
Taste: A
Presentation: B+
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $$$

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5 thoughts on “Food Glorious Food Dishes Up An Amazing Mackin Cheese

  1. Nice review! I didn’t realize that there was a whole other eating space upstairs..I had been wondering what they did when it wasn’t nice out! Got to get there soon and check it out finally.

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