Hurricane Grill & Wings Makes Landfall in Tallahassee

Hurricane Grill & Wings landed in Tallahassee and held its grand opening today. The restaurant is part of a chain located in 7 states with the majority of its locations in Florida.  My friend and I lured in by the promise of specials decided to check it out for lunch.

The Tallahassee restaurant is located on Thomasville Road between Market Square Liquors and Hunt Club Subs & Grill.  Parking was a non-issue and upon entering we were greeted by a perky hostess who seated us in the bar area at a high top.   The restaurant had an island/beach theme. Our table was a surf board, and a large oar divided the bar area from a walkway.  Lanterns dotted the bar below a weathered Hurricane Grill sign.  The space had a nice laid back vibe.

Our waiter arrived and took our drink order.  He returned with our water and placed them on the table.  He was a little nervous and read each and every promotion from a piece of paper.  When we told him we wouldn’t be coming back for the wing eating contest at 6 o’clock he was undeterred and proceeded to tell us each and every detail.

Eventually he ran out of promotion and fun facts.  He then took our order.  I decided to try 10 wings covered in Jamaican Jerk sauce with a side of slaw and fries.  In keeping with the hurricane theme their sauces are grouped into 5 categories raning from mild to extremely hot.  The Jamaican Jerk sauce was listed as a “Category 4” and described as “a unique calypso harmony of Jamaican spiced hot flavors.”

My wing platter arrived shortly and was similar to something you would expect at other fast casual wing joint.  I took a bit of a drumette.  It was cooked perfectly, crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside.  However, the Jamaican Jerk sauce was extremely tame for being listed as a Category 4.  It did not taste bad, but did not pack the heat or bold flavors I expected from the description.  As for the sides, they were rather pedestrian.  The cole slaw was non-offensive and the fries were standard fare.  One thing that should be noted was all the food arrived at the appropriate temperatures.

During our meal our waiter returned several times to check on us.  He kept our drinks filled and promptly brought us our check when were were finished.  Normally during a restaurant’s grand opening you can expect a few hiccups, but we did not experience any during our visit to Hurricane Grill & Wings.   I was pleased with my meal and would return when another craving for wings hits.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B+
Taste: B
Presentation: B
Service: B+
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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2 thoughts on “Hurricane Grill & Wings Makes Landfall in Tallahassee

  1. We tried the Hurricane Grill based on your review. Things didn’t look good when we were seated in the exact same place when it was the ill-fated Pizza Factory. It is no surprise why IT closed.

    I ordered a burger which came overcooked on a charred bun. I thought the fries would be spectacular, but they were just run-of-the-mill in taste. The kids grilled cheese also arrived charred and on bread much too thick to be comfortably or safely eaten by a toddler. The rest of the food was “nothing special”. The hamburger you can get at the Hunt Club next door is far better.

    Will we go back? Maybe, but not likely!

    FYI: There is no changing table in the restroom although the decor in there is really cute.

    • I tend to avoid hamburgers at chain restaurants unless that is what they are known for (i.e. Five Guys). Was it a pre-formed patty? Those are the worst. I thought the fries were average, but at least mine were hot and crispy. Their wings are good, and I would go back there for them. I don’t check out the ladies’ room for obvious reasons, but thanks for the info! Also, there is never a changing table in the mens’ room!

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