Sugar Bakery

After a four plus hour drive to Winter Haven I was hungry.  I found the location where my afternoon appointment was scheduled and drove around the downtown area looking for an interesting place to eat.  I decided to try Sugar Bakery.

I parked at a nearby office and made the short walk to the restaurant. Sugar Bakery is housed on the corner of West Central Ave and 1st Street NE.   Large yellow letters advertised a $4.99 lunch special. (Side note: Winter Haven has the most annoying cross walk signals that beep, count and talk).

I opened the green wooden door and stepped inside.  The interior was painted a deep salmon color with beige tiles on the floor.  Wooden tables and chairs filled the wider front part of the restaurant while a glass case  and cash register filled the narror end farthest from the door.  There is no public restroom so travellers will have to look elsewhere for that expected creature comfort.

I looked over the menu as the man in front of me ordered the half Cuban special with black beans.  I did not want to risk slopping bean on my clean white shirt and opted for a whole Cuban sandwich. The man at the counter shouted my order to someone behind a black curtain.  Minutes later I was presented with a paper bag that appeared to contain half a stick of bread.

After dodging traffic for a second time I arrived back at my car.  I unwrapped the sandwich and was greeted by a gigantic Cuban sandwich. Slice of ham, pulled pork, pickles, and cheese were pressed between two crusty pieces of bread.  It was a thing of beauty.

I took a bite. The pork had been slow roasted and shredded.  The ham was not too thin, and not too thick.  The bread had a nice crunch to it and held the sandwich together despite being loaded with meats, cheese, and pickles.  It was a fantastic sandwich and I am glad I gave the non-descript little cafe on the corner of W. Central Ave a chance.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B-
Taste: A
Presentation: C
Service: A
Cleanliness: B+
Price: $

Sugar Bakery Incorporated on Urbanspoon


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