Wells Brothers’ Burger Lives Up to the Hype

A coworker has been raving about Wells Brothers aka Monks for months.  She told me they had the best burgers in town and wished they were closer to our office.  This afternoon I talked my friend Joe into making the drive across town to see if Monks lived up to the hype.

We arrived towards the end of the lunch rush. Parking was a premium and I was able to snag a spot after a minute or two of waiting.  The last time I had been to this location it housed The Main Ingredient. It has changed since then and has a cool college vibe.  The walls were a bright blue and some specials were written in chalk above the register area.  It was crowded and a bit hectic, just as a college town burger joint should be.

We were able to get a table in the front dining area  and our server happily greeted us.  She brought us our drinks and allowed us some time to look over the menu.  I knew I wanted a burger but had some trouble settling on which one I wanted.  After much deliberation I decided to get the Stilton Burger.  It consisted of a 9oz beef patty grilled to order topped with melted bleu cheese crumbles, green apple slices, romaine lettuce, tomato and port wine mayo on a toasted kaiser roll.

When she asked how I wanted it cooked my reply was how red can you make it.  She told me they could cook it rare and I happily took her up on this offer.  To me there is nothing better than a well prepared burger that at any moment could leap off my plate and run into a field to graze with its fellow bovines.

The burger arrived in a plastic basket lined with white wax paper.  A small pile of fries served as a mere distraction to the rare burger beef goodness that occupied the other half of the plate.  The burger was perfectly cooked and had a great ratio of toppings to meat.  The apples were thinly sliced and there was an ample layer of delicious stilton.

The flavors on the burger worked very well together.  The beef had a good grilled flavor that mixed well with the sweet tartness of the apples and the salty bite from the stinky English cheese.  It was a great burger and completely lived up to the billing as the best in Tallahassee. The next time I have a craving for a burger I will be back to Monks.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B+
Taste: A
Presentation: C+
Service: A
Cleanliness: B+
Price: $

Wells Brothers


2 thoughts on “Wells Brothers’ Burger Lives Up to the Hype

  1. That sounds delish. If it wasn’t so far, I’d drive there for lunch today. Meesh and I drive by there often, but I’ve never ventured in to check it out. Don’t they have a Man v. Food challenge there as well?

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