North Carolina ‘Que at the Dillsboro Smokehouse

On our first trip up to the mountains of North Carolina Becky and I discovered the Dillsboro Smokehouse.  It sat a few blocks to the east of U.S. 441 and we had a wonderful mean of chopped pork with all of the fixings.  Since then, whenever we travel to the area we make a point of stopping in for lunch or dinner.  This time  we were accompanied by our two kids and Charlotte.  As we drove through North Georgia I brushed off calls to stop for lunch from Becky.  My mind was focused on a large plate of chopped pork and a cold beer.

As we made our way down the side of the mountain into the valley where Dillsboro sits I could almost taste the bbq.  It was a little after noon and I figured the parking lot would be packed.  It was not.   I also did not detect any smoke in the air and I found both of these things rather odd.

Upon entering we were seated at a large table from the 1960s with accompanying vinyl seats.  The tables, chair and various college pennants covering the walls give it an eclectic-retro feel. A few moments later our server appeared, took our drink order and gave us a moment to look over the menu.  I decided to get the chopped pork lunch with a side of potato logs and beans.

In mere minutes our meals appeared at the table.  My food arrived on a pedestrian white plastic plate.  The meat was on one side and the potato logs occupied the other.  The beans were in a small side dish.  The potato logs looked to be of the frozen variety that had been dipped into a deep fryer and left to warm under a lamp.  I was unimpressed.  The beans were not like the baked beans I am used to and instead consisted of large pieces of green peppers, onion and kidney beans in a thin sauce.  Mason adored them while I thought they were alright.

Despite the sides not being up to par, as I have said before bbq is all about the meat! Before adding any sauce I took a bite of the meat.  There was a distinct lack of smokiness in the meat.  I also did not find any bark.  The meat was also a bit on the cool side and felt like it had been reheated.  I was very disappointed and ended up having to slather it in a variety of their sauces.

I am not sure if the Dillsboro Smokehouse had a bad day or if things have just gone down hill since we first visited back in 2006 or so.  Our meal was okay, but I think the next time we are in the mountains we will have to seek out another bbq joint.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B+
Taste: C
Presentation: C
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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3 thoughts on “North Carolina ‘Que at the Dillsboro Smokehouse

  1. Hi, Mike. Thank you for all the reviews; I enjoy reading them and trying out the ones you recommend. If you haven’t found Oinkers on 441 in Clayton, Georgia yet, try their BBQ next time you head up that way. It’s the place all the locals go and there are lots of great, smokey, wood-fired items to choose from. Hope you get a chance to try them soon. Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for the recommendation and reading my reviews! I will have to remember Oinkers the next time we’re up that way. If the meat does not have a good smoked flavor then it’s not really bbq. That more than anything is what I enjoy!

  2. I could go either way on the smokey taste in bbq meat. Sometimes I like it others I’d rather pass. The beans don’t sound of my liking either. The picture of the restaurant gave me high hopes of you enjoying your meal, but as I read further not so much especially the cold meat. Yuck.

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