An Amazing Evening at Avenue Eat & Drink

Having two kids has cut down the number of times Becky and I are able to go out for a nice dinner from once a week to once a year.  Tonight was the first time since our anniversary (last June) we were able to head out for drinks and a nice dinner.  We decided to drive to Tallahassee and check out Avenue Eat & Drink.

Avenue sits between the Double Tree and the Florida Association of Counties  on Park Ave.  The building was Tallahassee’s first police station and most recently housed Urbane.  Upon entering we were greeted by the manager and seated at a table for two. The interior of Avenue is modern finished with purple hues, polished wood and exposed brick.  The design was pleasant and would not be out-of-place in larger cities like Atlanta or Boston.

Once we were seated the waiter immediately came over and introduced himself. He filled our water glasses and took our drink orders.  Becky chose a glass of Gewürztraminer while I opted for a Terrapin IPA.  We also ordered pepper flaked gulf shrimp as an appetizer.

The shrimp came out in a large square white bowl.  Five large shrimp had been sautéed in butter with rosemary, red pepper flakes and hot sauce.  They were accompanied by a large hunk of crusty bread.  The shrimp were fresh and well cooked.   The crusty bread was used to sop up all of the amazing butter mixture that remained in the bowl after the shrimp had been eaten.

For our next course we opted for the heirloom tomato and Burrata mozzarella salad. It consisted of two large slices of tomato (one red and one yellow) topped with a large dollop of creamy mozzarella and drizzled with olive oil and a balsamic glaze.  The tomatoes were sweet and had a backyard garden kind of flavor.  The balsamic glaze was delicious and I remarked to the waiter that it would be great over ice cream.  However, the star of the salad was the Burrata mozzarella.  It was creamy and unlike any other mozzarella I have eaten.

After polishing off the amazing mozzarella salad my entrée arrived.  I ordered the Pelagos. It was like a with different kinds of fish, shrimp, clams, and mussels in a spicy tomato based broth.  It was very good and tasted like the best parts of the ocean just as the name implied.  I used the crusty bread that accompanied the dish to soak up all the broth.  I’m all about making the dishwasher’s job easy. Becky had the roasted half chicken with Meyers lemons that was crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Despite being thoroughly stuffed we ordered dessert, bourbon banana pudding.  It arrived with two spoons and Becky and I tore into it.  She indicated the bourbon flavor was a little too strong for her, while I as a bourbon lover thought it was a perfect ending to a perfect meal.

Overall our evening at Avenue was wonderful.  The service was top-notch, restaurant was impeccably clean and the food was amazing.  I am looking forward to heading back for another great meal and would love to check out their weekend brunch.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: A
Taste: A
Presentation: A
Service: A
Cleanliness: A
Price: $$$

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