A Wrappers Delight at Roly Poly

During lunch I was near campus and decided to try Roly Poly.  It is located on Tennessee Street in what used to be the home of the Bethel Family Restaurant.  My decision to eat her was a last second one, and I apologize to the person I cut off in front of Popeyes Chicken.  Pulling in the parking lot through the exit I parked and made my way around to the entrance.  The outside was plain and aside from the sign near the street it was hard to figure out what awaited me inside.

At the rear was a counter with a large “Order Here” sign and a cash register.  The menu was posted behind the register and consisted of tons of choices.  They broke down into two main categories, hot pressed and cold rolled.  The possibilities under these two large groups was impressive and I was still unsure of what to get when I made my way to the register.  I asked what kind of bread the sandwiches were served on and the girl told me they all came on wraps (hence the clever name).  Plagued with indecision I panicked, ordered wrap #38, the Hickory Cristo (regular size $6.25), and made it a combo.

I grabbed my drink cup and sat in the dining room waiting for my order.  The walls were starkly white and propped up by heavy wooden beams painted a dark brown color.  A couple of flat screen televisions hung on the walls and the space was dotted with simple tables and chairs.  Several tables were littered with wrap wrappings, straw papers and dirty napkins.  Trash was also on the floor in several areas and around the garbage can.  I am not sure if they were short staffed, or visited by a horde of messy customers, but someone needed to grab a broom and tidy up the place.

After working my way through one diet coke I noticed the line of people that had been in front of me were still waiting for their food.  Orders slowly came up and after another 10 minutes my name was called.  I grabbed my wrap which had been placed in a clear plastic bag.  I filled my coke up and headed for the door as I intended to eat my lunch in my office.

I grabbed the foiled wrapped sandwich and juices trickled towards the edge.  The Hickory Cristo was loaded with smoked turkey, melted Swiss and imported brie cheeses, baby spinach, plum tomatoes, grilled mushrooms and a side of dill horseradish sauce.  I took a bite and was impressed. The outside of the wrap was crunchy and the earthy taste of the grilled mushrooms worked with the saltiness of the cheese and sweetness from the tomatoes.  The turkey had a nice smoked flavor too.  The portion size was also perfect as by the time I had finished my hunger was a thing of the past, and I was ready to get back to work.

The wrap was one of the better sandwiches I have eaten since moving to Tallahassee and after the fact I learned Roly Poly is a chain.  Their second Tallahassee store is located on Capital Circle NE.    This shop is much closer to my office and the next time I have a craving for an innovative wrap I plan to save a little gas and pay it a visit.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: C
Taste: A
Presentation: C
Service: B
Cleanliness: D
Price: $

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