Tasty Gyros at the Canopy Road Cafe

I was slammed all morning and did not even realize it was lunch time until my stomach growled.  I had originally planned to eat a sandwich I packed on Tuesday but it was stale.  Instead I decided to check out the Canopy Road Cafe located on Shannon Lakes Drive.  The reviews on Urbanspoon were mostly positive and their menu looked good.

Just as I was getting excited about checking them out I noticed the large red “CLOSED” sign at the top of the page.  I decided to give them a call to see if they were open for business.  It turns out the rumors of their demise had been greatly exaggerated and that they were open for lunch.  I placed my order for a lamb gyro with fries ($6.99) and told it would take 10 minutes to prepare.

The Canopy Road Cafe is located in a shopping plaza on Shannon Lakes Drive between a church and a cobbler’s shop.  It’s presence it noted by large orange letters.  As I walked towards the doors I noticed the neon beer signs were turned off.  It was a little early for a beer.

Inside the restaurant has a bar/diner feel.  The space is large and the tables were simply covered with a green table-cloths.  It was clean but I noticed some wear on the walls and floors which for a diner is not a bad thing.  The Canopy Road Cafe felt comfortable and the staff immediately greeted me.  When my order was ready the cashier called out “Mr. Mike!” and I grabbed my lunch.

The to-go box was black styrofoam and inside my lunch was carefully arranged on black and white checked paper.  The gyro was snuggled in its own wrapper to make sure none of its goodness got jostled on the car ride back to the office.

As for the most important aspect, it tasted great.  The fries were hot and crispy with a dusting of seasoning.  It was enough to give them some extra flavor without overpowering the potato taste.  The gyro was nice prepared and full of lamb, fresh tomatoes, and lettuce.  It was a very good gyro and made me remember the ones I used to get up in Manchester, NH.  My lunch was flavorful, priced right and I would go back to the Canopy Road Cafe.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: A
Presentation: B
Service: A
Cleanliness: B
Price: $

Canopy Road Cafe on Urbanspoon


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