Outstanding Shrimp at B & J’s Steak & Seafood

After attending to some business this morning in Brunswick, Georgia I headed up the coast towards the little fishing town of Darien.  I had read about a place called B & J’s Steaks & Seafood that supossedly had the best seafood in all of Georgia.

That was a bold claim and after driving past the restaurant we pulled into the dirt parking lot.  It was lunch time and the lot was full of pick up trucks and Sheriff’s deputies.  I considered that a good sign and evidence that this was where the locals ate.

Upon entering the waitress told us to take a seat wherever we wanted.    The restaurant was cramped and making it through the crowd was a challenge.  We sat towards the front. Our drink order was immediately taken and the waitress reappeared moments later with a large glass of sweet tea.  It was very good tea with just the right amount of sugar.

After looking over the menu Becky and I both decided to order the fried shrimp dinner.  There was no way I was going to visit Darien without ordering the shrimp.  When the waitress emerged from the back she carried a tray with two dishes.  Each was piled high with plump fresh shrimp, fries, and texas toast.  There were more shrimp than fries and this was a very good thing.

The shrimp was lightly breaded and perfectly fried.  It was sweet and tasted like it had been caught that morning.  The waitress informed us that it actually had been caught that morning and that the restaurant had their own shrimper.  As we left I remarked you could throw a rock from the restaurant’s front door to where our lunch was unloaded.

Many place brag about having the best this or that, but B & J’s shrimp live up to the hype.  Their fried shrimp are without a doubt the best and I would make the 3 hour drive back to Darien in a heartbeat.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B+
Taste: A
Presentation: A
Service: A
Cleanliness: B+
Price: $$

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