Any Way You Slice It Monticello Pizza Kitchen Delivers

I was driving Mason and Julia over to say hello to their Meme when I asked the little man what he wanted for dinner.  Becky was working late and I wanted to make meal time as stress free as possible.  He looked at me in the rear view mirror and exclaimed “pizza pie!” I was caught off guard because I had never heard him say pizza, and also wondered where heard it called pizza pie.

While Mason drew with chalk on Meme’s patio and Julia attempted to eat leaves I called Monticello Pizza Kitchen.  The only special they had tonight was lasagna with two garlic knots for $5 (a pretty good deal).  I ordered a large pepperoni pizza and was told it would be ready for pick-up in 20 minutes.

After beating Charlotte (Meme) in Wii bowling 149-146 I went to pick up the pizza. Monticello Pizza Kitchen is located on Dogwood Street and occupies a storefront in downtown that originally was home to the Harris Grocery Store.  While the decor is nothing spectacular it has a good pizza joint vibe that I like.  As usual the serice was friendly and fast and in no time I was on my way home.

As we made the 2 minute drive to the house Mason kept saying “pizza pie! pizza pie! pizza pie!”  I grabbed Julia in one arm, the pizza in the other and aimed Mason at the door. Normally he wanders off course but he was hungry and practically beat his way into our house.

I popped over the box and staring back at me were 8 large slice of pizza perfection.  I cut a slice in half and gave it to Mason while Julia drank her bottle.  The crust was thin and nicely browned.  They put just the right amount of sauce, cheese and toppings on the pizza so it doesn’t lose its structural integrity and result in a cheese/sauce landslide.

Monticello Pizza Kitchen pizza is very good pizza.  Not just for Monticello, but for places where they pride themselves on their pies.  Their slice would hold their own against some of the slices I had growing up north of Boston and is among the best in the Big Bend.  The place is a hidden gem and is well worth a visit when you are in Monticello.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: B+
Presentation: C
Service: A
Cleanliness: B+
Price: $

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4 thoughts on “Any Way You Slice It Monticello Pizza Kitchen Delivers

  1. Hi, my name is Susan and I am the owner of Monticello Pizza Kitchen, every now and then I like to search the internet and see what people have to say about the restaurant, I stumbled across your blog and I want to say,THANK YOU,for your awesome feed back!! My customers mean a lot to me and reading this blog just made my night!
    Glad to hear the little one likes it too 🙂

    Thank you,


  2. Mike,

    My foodie friend and I recently began, quite by accident really, a quest for a good pizza restaurant in our area.

    While on our pizza quest, we happened upon your blog.

    While I enjoy your blog, I have a question regarding 2 of your pizza reviews.

    Having tried the pizza at Moonspin Pizza in Thomasville, and having found it absolutely wonderful (as did you) we took your advice on the Monticello Pizza Kitchen, and could not have been more disappointed.

    I’m curious, how you were able to give both restaurants equally high ratings?

    The difference in taste, and quality of ingredients was painfully apparent to both myself and my friend.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  3. Lynda:

    Thank you for your comment and reading my blog!

    I double checked my posts and note I gave higher grades to Moonspin Pizza in Thomasville than the Monticello Pizza Kitchen on atmosphere, taste, presentation and cleanliness.

    At each place I had the pepperoni pizza and both were very good. I am not sure what you had at MPC and have never tried their other pizzas. Maybe it was a bad night? Not sure, but their owner commented on my MPC post. Please let her know about your experience!

    If there are any other great pizza places I need to try please let me know!

    Thanks again!


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