Forgettable BBQ at Granddaddy’s Barbeque

My grandparents came up to visit us Mason this weekend and this morning we made a trip up to Thomasville to grab some lunch and take care of some other business. They were in the mood for some bbq and ended up at Granddaddy’s BBQ.

There are no servers at Granddaddy’s and instead you order at a window (which is fine with me). The dining room is large, very clean and had several flat screen televisions showing sports.

After checking out the menu we noticed a small sign noting that in honor of their 3rd Anniversary they were offering a pulled pork sandwich with a drink for $3.00. My grandparents jumped at the offer and I ordered the same thing with a side of fries. After placing our order we sat down. No sooner had we gotten our drinks and napkins our food was ready.

My pulled pork sandwich was served on a large bun with a good portion of fries sitting next to it. Before putting some sauce on it I sampled the pork. It was tender and moist without being greasy. It did not have a strong smoked flavor and I also did not notice any pieces of bark (the charred outside of the pork butt) mixed in with the meat.

As for the sauces there was a regular, sweet and mustard based. I selected the mustard based sauce and slathered some on my sandwich. The sauce made up for the lack of smokiness in the meat and made the sandwich tasty.

Overall Granddaddy’s BBQ was nothing memorable and I do not think I will be back unless they are having another special.

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B-
Taste: C
Presentation: C
Service: B
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

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One thought on “Forgettable BBQ at Granddaddy’s Barbeque

  1. You are right on target. It’s a bland meal prepared for people with no taste buds. Just had the 1/4 chicken and it was smaller and DRYER than expected, with no discernible taste. Salt would have been nice…The fried okra is good, though. Really crunchy and not too greasy.

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