Piggy’s BBQ: Tallahasssee’s Newest BBQ Joint

This afternoon my boss and I headed over to Piggy’s BBQ on Capital Circle NE. I had driven by it earlier in the week and after checking out their website decided to give it a shot. Piggy’s is Tallahassee’s newest place for BBQ and unlike many of their competitors is locally owned and operated.

As a fan of local establishments I was hoping that Piggy’s would not disappoint. After checking out their menu, that is written on the wall behind the food line, I settled on a pulled pork plate. After a decent portion of pork was put on my plate my two sides, french fries and macaroni and cheese. The lady dishing out the sides became known as the Portion Nazi when we got to our table as she gave me one tiny scoop of mac ‘n cheese (which was good) and 10 soggy fries. To make matters worse, the fries were cold even though I asked her if they were fresh as she plopped them on my plate.

However, as I have said before BBQ joints are about the meat and I was not about to say the heck with Piggy’s as a result of cold fries and two teaspoons of mac ‘n cheese. Sadly Piggy’s appears to be temperature challenged as the pork, like my fries could be described as less than hot. However, the pork did have good flavor and in addition to the meat there were some nice pieces of bark mixed into my serving.

I also sampled a piece of the brisket my boss ordered which was fantastic. It had a great flavor, a nice smoke ring and was perfectly cooked. Normally I am not a fan of brisket but next time I visit Piggy’s I think I will order it instead of the pulled pork.

The sauces were also great and I give them a lot of credit for venturing outside of the ketchup based mainstream. My two favorites were the vinegar based sauce and the regular mustard one. They are by far the best sauces at any BBQ place in Tallytown.

Overall, I would go back to Piggy’s and would make two suggestions. First, turn up the heaters in the water pans to keep the food warmer and second, fire the Portion Nazi who rations side items. 

Sweet Tea & Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: B
Presentation: C
Service: B
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

Piggy's BBQ on Urbanspoon


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