Letdown at La Ha Cienda 2

I like to try new places to eat in Tallahassee and have been poking around the local thread on Chowhound.com concerning Mexican food. Numerous posters stated that the best place in the city to get authentic food was La Ha Cienda 2 located on Bannerman Road in the northeast part of town. This afternoon Becky and I decided to venture up there to check it out and see if the reviews were true.

After picking me up from my office it took us almost 25 minutes to drive to the restaurant. Upon entering we noticed that we were the only people eating there despite the fact it was the middle of lunchtime. However, the place was very clean and we were seated at a booth near the window.

The waitress then took our order and brought our drinks in a very timely manner. Becky and I barely had enough time to eat some of the tortilla chips and salsa before our meals arrived. I ordered a lunch special that consisted of a taco, burrito and an enchilada while Becks opted for her standby, a quesadilla.

The food was okay but nothing spectacular and after La Ha Cienda 2 being hyped I was disappointed. I think that many of the restaurants on the Mexican Mile have similar quality food and they are much closer to where Becky and I work. While La Ha Cienda was not bad, it just was not worth the drive and I do not see us trekking out to Bannerman Road anytime soon for another meal.

Sweet Teav& Bourbon’s Rating:
Atmosphere: B
Taste: C
Presentation: C
Service: B
Cleanliness: A
Price: $

La Ha Cienda 2 Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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