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The afternoon was hot and hazy as Sam and I left the diner in Murray Hill. The burger hit the spot, but with the sun blazing down and a two-hour drive ahead, I wanted something cool Continue reading

Sweet Frog

Sweet Frog

Being an adult has its perks, and among them is the ability to eat ice cream for lunch. I had not packed anything for my mid-day meal, and the thought of a sandwich or sushi did not excite me. Continue reading

Feed Your Froyo Beast at Yobe Frozen Yogurt

Yesterday I had a random craving for pork dumplings.  Since my local Winn-Dixie was out of wonton wrappers, I was forced to make egg rolls to appease my stomach.  Today I had a sudden urge for a cup of frozen yogurt, and decided to try Yobe.   It is located on Thomasville Road behind the Dunkin’ Donuts in the same … Continue reading

DIY Frozen Yogurt at Fuzions

The 2:30 blahs hit me like a ton of bricks.  I was knee deep in an evaluation and wanted something other than a cup of coffee or the mushy peach that stared at me from my credenza.  I decided to head over to Fuzions to check out the place and grab something cold. Fuzions is located on … Continue reading

The Hill Top County Store is a Hidden Gem

Near the intersection of Mahan Drive (U.S. 90) and Lloyd Road sits the Hill Top Country Store. It is the only place between Sage in Monticello and the Waffle House Tallahassee where you can get something to eat. The parking lot is always jammed on Sundays after church. It is a little variety store and … Continue reading

A Trip to Izzo’s Soda Fountain

When July arrives in North Florida the thermometer no longer shows the true outdoor temperature. It may say 94 degrees but it really should say 94 degrees plus. The plus is 100% humidity and no breeze to within one hundred miles of the courthouse square. The plus is what gets you around here Entertainment options … Continue reading