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Zacawho? Zacadoo’s!

Zacawho? Zacadoo’s!

Driving back from Best Buy I wanted to grab a quick lunch and noticed Zacadoo’s Grille. The restaurant is located on Apalachee Parkway next to the La Quinta Inn. A small tower rises towards the front of the building and is topped by a large black and red sign. Continue reading

Pulled Pork at Chubo’s Dawg House

A small sign on the road announced Chubo’s Dawg House had set up shop somewhere in the plaza that serves as a home to Tan’s Asian Cafe, Esposito’s, and the Brooma Grill.  I cruised the parking lot looking for the food truck and pulled a u-turn.  I could not find Chubo’s Dawg House and parked.  … Continue reading

Brotherly Love at Graffiti Junction

When people think of Orlando, Florida, the first thing that probably pops into their head is the mouse.  For those willing to dig a little deeper the city has some very beautiful neighborhoods.  One of those is Thornton Park nestled south of downtown.  The area is full of cute cottages, parks, and boasts of numerous … Continue reading

Fill Your Tank at T-Rays

A couple of months back Becky and I were in Fernandina Beach, Florida.  We had heard about a place called T-Rays Burger Station.  It served up what was billed as the best burger on the island.  We arrived a few minutes after 3:00 p.m. and were told they were closed for the day.  Drats. Recently we … Continue reading

Fuel Up at the Midtown Filling Station

Since it opened, the Midtown Filling Station has been on my list of places to visit.  While taking care of some business on this side of town Becky and I popped in for a late lunch.  The restaurant is located in the building on the corner of East 5th Ave and Thomasville Road, in in … Continue reading